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back again!

I have a huge backlog of links to plow through caused by my ‘wonderful’ ISP, so here just a quick post to let you know I’m still into it:

An old-ish one (over a week old) about a risky tongue piercing that brought back the wave of articles about body piercing risks. Also, in the same vein (haha) but scarier, an article discussing possible brain infection caused by body piercing.

On the other end of the body art spectrum hopes for ‘medical tattoos’ becoming available local pharmacies.

Tricia Allen signing her book on Molokai island makes for a nice short article shedding a little more light on her new book.

Tattoos and academia in an interesting project by an anthropology student.

And seeing how Mother’s Day keeps lingering around, an article about history and meaning of ‘I Love Mom’ classic tattoo.

Hopefully more to come soon!

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One response to “back again!

  1. Steph

    Sorry to hear your ISP is behaving poorly!
    Loved the historical piece, tres cool!

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