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on placements, dress code and more

Since dress code resurfaces here from time to time, here’s a new one with a pretty threatening title ‘teachers with tats targeted’ which is not even half as serious as it sounds.

Following a small wave of tattoo convention-related articles from the last post, here are two about an event in Moscow, Russia.

I doubt they use a numbing cream before tattooing in Russia and I wouldn’t expect much from this promo-oriented article; it’s pretty interesting to read, however, about ‘6 most painful places to tattoo.’

Scott Campbell pretty often appears in the online articles; here’s another example of his cool art made from dollar bills.

The first Canadian tattoo school has a chance to land on TV.

’18 video games tattoos’ and ‘ASCII codes helping create tattoos’ to look at.

I’m not really sure if this final one is real (wonders of photoshop and all) but at least it’s worth checking out: ‘ridiculous tattoo plus mugshot.’

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2 responses to “on placements, dress code and more

  1. Don

    Hmm, yeah – the “6 most painful places to tattoo” is just a thinly-disguised plug for Dr Numb’s cream. Gotta laugh at their over-use of the word “official” all over that particular publication, though. Who are they kidding?

  2. Steph

    Well having an ankle/foot tattoo, I can not be swayed by these so called “official” findings :p

    Besides pain is part of the process and while those area’s are deemed to be more sensitive, I think it depends wholly on the person getting the work. Sometimes it “needs” to hurt.

    Seen that mug shot, cracks me up to no end. Even if it is fake, its good for a laugh non the less. Dollar bill art? Freaking awesome!

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