some fresh news

The news is all about the most tattooed woman now – she’s 55, covered head to toe and seems to have done all of this not only because she enjoys the art but also because of her medical condition.

Two interesting articles from Philippines and India show increasing popularity of body art there.

UK: two new books on body art are expected to be published soon. For those more into the internet, ‘top 10 body modification-related websites for beginners;’ oddly (or not so anymore) enough, there’s no BMEzine on this list.

Tattoo artists and body piercers are quite infamous for a wide scope of their interests and here’s yet another proof for that: ‘tattoo artists turned real estate mogul.’

Finally, a love story with a touch of ink: ‘an unusual marriage proposal.’

bans, rights and influences

A little more information on the bullied kid with an unsightly tattoo here.

A pretty interesting one about American Consitution and tattoos from CA  where one tattoo artists tries to defend his right by means of the First Amendment.

Oklahoma lifted tattooing ban barely 4 years ago or so and here we have local artists discussing how the ‘Miami Ink effect’ has changed the tattoo culture. Interestingly enough, in Europe, especially in Germany (or so I heard from two German friends), memorial tattoos are referred to as ‘Miami Ink tattoos.’ If you watched even one episode of the show only, you should know why.

Tattoo artists from America and Australia.

on display

With all this popularity and being fashionable, tattoos can still be used as a means to oust and ridicule others as this disturbing piece of news about a 14-year-old boy having been forcefully tattooed (more) shows.

In other, more positive news:

Not the fresh news but since I’m still catching up due to my ISP’s problems… French Parliament voted to return Maori heads to New Zealand. It’s a complicated issue, of course, so let’s wait and see what turn the whole restoration thing will turn.

Old European tattoos on display in an article about ‘Skin,’ an exhibit of the 19th century tattoos.

In a similar vein, a review of ‘Marked – the Complete Season One.’

A Polish article about growing popularity of tattoos over here; let’s wait and see during the summer although it’s true that there are more and more tattoos visible in the streets.

Almost tradition by now – a small slideshow; this time it’s web-tech tattoos.

a handful

An interesting article about henna tattoos being linked to higher risk of leukemia published in the UK while in Singapore ‘the health ministry is considering reviewing regulatory experience overseas on tattooing.’

Herbert Hoffmann and his shop appears in this interesting article about Hamburg and Vince Hemingson and his new photo project receives some attention in this one from Canada.

More of Asia in a very interesting article about a dying out art of magical tattoos in Cambodia and a pretty modern one from China about a stricter dress code for security guards in Beijing.

More of Kitchen Ink to look at for desert.

back again!

I have a huge backlog of links to plow through caused by my ‘wonderful’ ISP, so here just a quick post to let you know I’m still into it:

An old-ish one (over a week old) about a risky tongue piercing that brought back the wave of articles about body piercing risks. Also, in the same vein (haha) but scarier, an article discussing possible brain infection caused by body piercing.

On the other end of the body art spectrum hopes for ‘medical tattoos’ becoming available local pharmacies.

Tricia Allen signing her book on Molokai island makes for a nice short article shedding a little more light on her new book.

Tattoos and academia in an interesting project by an anthropology student.

And seeing how Mother’s Day keeps lingering around, an article about history and meaning of ‘I Love Mom’ classic tattoo.

Hopefully more to come soon!

on placements, dress code and more

Since dress code resurfaces here from time to time, here’s a new one with a pretty threatening title ‘teachers with tats targeted’ which is not even half as serious as it sounds.

Following a small wave of tattoo convention-related articles from the last post, here are two about an event in Moscow, Russia.

I doubt they use a numbing cream before tattooing in Russia and I wouldn’t expect much from this promo-oriented article; it’s pretty interesting to read, however, about ‘6 most painful places to tattoo.’

Scott Campbell pretty often appears in the online articles; here’s another example of his cool art made from dollar bills.

The first Canadian tattoo school has a chance to land on TV.

’18 video games tattoos’ and ‘ASCII codes helping create tattoos’ to look at.

I’m not really sure if this final one is real (wonders of photoshop and all) but at least it’s worth checking out: ‘ridiculous tattoo plus mugshot.’