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An interesting read-up provided by two articles discussing ‘piercing through fetishes’ and ‘plastic surgery as a new religious rite of passage.’ And a real gem here, courtesy of Bastian: a slide show and text describing beginnings of plastic surgery.

One and only Lizardman featured in ‘Masterclash discussing bod mod.’

A feeling of amazement in ‘Calgarians pay to be scarred, left hanging’ about more extreme forms of body modifications (‘extreme’ being quite relative here, that is).

A new ‘invention’ trying to capitalize on popularity of tattoos: ‘hygienic wipe that keeps tattoos fresh and colorful.’

Weird and hipster tattoos’ as an eye treat.

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2 responses to “in/directly related

  1. bastian ⋅

    Thanks 🙂
    Love the CBC article – the comments are worth checking out, too, as they allow a pretty good picture about what the average Joe thinks of body rituals and those who practice them.

  2. Don

    The “Piercing through fetishes” article struck a definite chord with me – the fetish appeal is pretty much how I got into piercing in the first place, and it spawned a whole series of other explorations into the kinky side of my sexuality. It does undoubtedly take some effort to reconcile something like a taste for piercing (for fetish value) with a partner who can’t see what the attraction is, but the effort is worth making. I’m a MUCH happier and more contented person now than I’d ever have been if I’d remained the plain vanilla guy I was in my youth.

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