several interesting ones

I haven’t checked the news for almost a week due to the weak internet connection (again) and loads of work and there’s quite a few interesting ones:

Law-related ones: an article from Malta discussing minors and body modifications, a similar one from Ontario, Canada and an interesting one from IL where it was proposed to ban eye tattooing.

Tattoos and medicine in a proposal for another version of ‘medical’ tattoos: ‘Tattooing patients with UV ink could protect pacemakers from hackers.’

Famous tattoo artists: Lakra and his non-skin work and Scott Campbell profiled in the Times magazine.

An interesting choice of judge at a tattoo convention: ‘art scholars judge work at Down East Tattoo Show.’

A theory that ‘women get tattooed to feel sexier’ may actually have something to it although I’d venture a guess that it work with both sexes equally well.

The new Guinness record for most body piercings (with a picture and a video).

This one could land in the Guinness record book, too: ‘3-year-old tattoo artist.’ The joy of trying to come up with really ‘original’ things.

Finally, for those who still need their weekly fix of Ink TV – soon ‘Dublin Ink.’