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a handful of news

The great news for starters: the investigation involving body modification in Canada that caused much uproar a few days back seems to end on a good for the industry note as it was just stated on Zentastic. A bad aftertaste is still remaining, though.

A few more links for a good measure:

A bit closer to become a cyborg? ‘Human body used as touchpad.’

More traditional: ‘tattoos in Japanese prints at Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.’

This one could serve as a decent inspiration to the author of the Tattoo Shop Mystery series: Mario Barth and his new, 2-in-1, business venture.

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One response to “a handful of news

  1. Don

    Good news indeed about the Canadian investigation, although I suppose it would have been a difficult case to prosecute given that the “victim” is perfectly happy with the outcome of the procedure, and the complaint was lodged by an anonymous informant whose motives are dubious to say the least.

    As you say, it’s going to leave a nasty aftertaste for some time to come, I fear.

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