‘keep Hell beautiful; get tattooed’?

With Easter right behind the corner, here we have two articles somewhat related to body modification and very related to religion: ‘Church gives ‘tattoo’ during Easter’ and ‘Church welcomes all to embrace ‘piercing.’ It’s actually interesting on its own although the quotation marks were *not* lost on me!

At home in Micronesia’ is about history and tattoo as promotional tools; funny and quite interesting to read, especially in lack of anything else – holiday time means not that many articles posted.

Another dress code case this time from CT where the local marshals will have to cover their tattoos very soon.

Designs on myself’ is from India and discusses how more and more middle-aged and older people get tattoos done.

Finally something in Dutch and about a man with passion for games: ‘red dead redemption tattoo game;’ here’s a little info on the game itself.