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laughing inside the box

A distant echo of the April Fool’s jokes in ‘get tattooed and claim 1 million free hours of worldwide wifi;’ this one about a misspelled tattoo sounded like a joke, too, although some comments claimed otherwise.

Much serious a piece of news from Canada where ‘body modification gets under skin of law enforcement.’ Worth reading and some pondering on the subject, especially in the light of Shannon Larratt’s comment on it.

An Australian article claims that ‘tattoos are the fad that won’t fade away’ and even though it might be true, it’s not like all old stereotypes are dying out quickly as this American article about ‘resort rejecting a bus ad for tattoo parlor’ shows.

Body piercings in the American and Namibian (that’s Africa) contexts.

A little more about a tattoo magazine aimed at the Hawaiian branch of the industry.

This one from Nevada probably is not an April Fool joke although it makes the police look like very stereotypical thinkers.

Just to contradict this kind of thinking here we have one published on the CNN site about America Census where a well educated guy tells about his own tattoos and well, he has quite a few of them.

Another one for my ‘charity’ category, this time from the UK: ‘women get tattooed to raise money for charity.’

And finally something very interesting in Polish (but pictures speak for themselves): anatomical tattoos.

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5 responses to “laughing inside the box

  1. Don

    The Canadian article which Shannon has picked up on has already stated a predictable series of counter-accusations on Modblog, I see. Which sidesteps the real problem. When people consent to having allegedly illegal procedures videotaped and published, they NEED to be sure that security is 101% and that it won’t rebound on them at a later date. What’s needed now is a convincing assurance that something like this won’t EVER happen again – not endless wrangling and recrimination over whose fault it was.

  2. aniareads ⋅

    Yes, I saw and read this one.
    Too bad it’s coming to this – both the post itself and people’s comments on it are quite telling!

  3. Steph

    Does it ever end? I disagree that most Dr’s won’t do labia reductions, I think that’s a load of utter BS. Not to dis the person in question as I “know” her.

    Granted I am willing to bet that a plastic surgeon would be considerably more then getting it done elsewhere. Tongue splits are one thing, however when it comes to the point of doing what I think of as cosmetic surgery (optional or otherwise) I really do think a line needs to be drawn.

    As for the pissing contest between the others, SHE needs to grow up :p

  4. Joan ⋅

    Steph, I never claimed that a doctor would not do the procedure. That quote was specifically about things such as tongue splits and ear pointing. I chose to have the procedure done by a trusted friend after a years worth of research and the fact that the surgeon I spoke with charges over $4000 and after viewing his “after” pics I was put off
    there are many other personal reasons for it but I can say I am extremely happy with my decision, just not the one to trust BME to maintain privacy

  5. Steph

    Oh Joan, please forgive me for mis-reading that (quote) then! I thought something was a little off with that statement. Ear pointing and tongue splitting yeah, they don’t seem to “get it”, so maybe Dr’s *should* consider doing it? If the government is that worried about it.
    Darling, its YOUR body and truly your right 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, like I said I wasn’t dissing you at all. You are far more braver then I am that’s for damn sure! 4 grand? Jesus Christ on toast!

    Anyway, I’m saddened by the BS that has been bestowed upon you. At the end of the day, its not something I would do (by a surgeon or otherwise) but as long as your happy with it, then all the more power to you! No one can or should control what happens to their body if its something you choose to do! Believe me, there’s no love lost between BME & I anymore, my IAM account is long gone and I can’t say I miss it either.

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