laughing inside the box

A distant echo of the April Fool’s jokes in ‘get tattooed and claim 1 million free hours of worldwide wifi;’ this one about a misspelled tattoo sounded like a joke, too, although some comments claimed otherwise.

Much serious a piece of news from Canada where ‘body modification gets under skin of law enforcement.’ Worth reading and some pondering on the subject, especially in the light of Shannon Larratt’s comment on it.

An Australian article claims that ‘tattoos are the fad that won’t fade away’ and even though it might be true, it’s not like all old stereotypes are dying out quickly as this American article about ‘resort rejecting a bus ad for tattoo parlor’ shows.

Body piercings in the American and Namibian (that’s Africa) contexts.

A little more about a tattoo magazine aimed at the Hawaiian branch of the industry.

This one from Nevada probably is not an April Fool joke although it makes the police look like very stereotypical thinkers.

Just to contradict this kind of thinking here we have one published on the CNN site about America Census where a well educated guy tells about his own tattoos and well, he has quite a few of them.

Another one for my ‘charity’ category, this time from the UK: ‘women get tattooed to raise money for charity.’

And finally something very interesting in Polish (but pictures speak for themselves): anatomical tattoos.