stats, rules and a touch of humor

With spring in a full swing and summer just around the corner, there will be more and more tattoo conventions around; a small beforetaste of it here: Tattoo Expo in AZ and Hell City Tattoo Fest in OH coming very soon.

Law-makers also came back to life, so here we have new tattoo rules in FL, tattoos and blood donations in IL and another one from IL regulating minors’ urge to get modified.

On a ‘think before you ink/pierce’ note: FAQ’s in ‘Piercing decisions’ and one about tattoo cover-ups.

A small follow-up focused on medicine: ‘medical skin discovery helping tattoo healing’ and statistics released by American Society of Plastic Surgeons (courtesy of Bastian, of course, who just got back from haunting the US and jumped straight back into helping me again!).

Modifications and job market: ‘regulating body art a growing challenge’ and ‘dress code comes of age.’

Finally some miscellaneous ones: ‘fundraiser for a local volunteer fire department’ held at a tattoo shop, ‘athletes and tattoos’ and a fine example of elderly ‘athlete’ who proudly showed off his body art: ‘tattooed bicyclist’ from Wichita, KS, ‘barter system’ as a way to pay for a tattoo and a short article about a local music show featuring suspensions.

in/directly related

An interesting read-up provided by two articles discussing ‘piercing through fetishes’ and ‘plastic surgery as a new religious rite of passage.’ And a real gem here, courtesy of Bastian: a slide show and text describing beginnings of plastic surgery.

One and only Lizardman featured in ‘Masterclash discussing bod mod.’

A feeling of amazement in ‘Calgarians pay to be scarred, left hanging’ about more extreme forms of body modifications (‘extreme’ being quite relative here, that is).

A new ‘invention’ trying to capitalize on popularity of tattoos: ‘hygienic wipe that keeps tattoos fresh and colorful.’

Weird and hipster tattoos’ as an eye treat.

not bad a start of the week

A new week brought lots of not that interesting articles related to body modification and a few good ones, so here’s my selection to start this week with:

Tricia Allen, a HI-based tattooist and anthropologist, published a new book on the subject!

A little bit more about Dr Lakra and his work and a pretty cool one about a tattoo scene in Baltimore.

CT judicial marshals might sigh with relief after all as, as it seems, they won’t have to cover their tattoos for work (as it was feared previously). Another in this vein is a pretty disappointing (but with quite enticing a title) article from UT, ‘despite popularity of tattoos, most adults hide theirs.’

Tattoo eye candy in various shapes and colors in ‘Top#25 Coachella tattoos.’

several interesting ones

I haven’t checked the news for almost a week due to the weak internet connection (again) and loads of work and there’s quite a few interesting ones:

Law-related ones: an article from Malta discussing minors and body modifications, a similar one from Ontario, Canada and an interesting one from IL where it was proposed to ban eye tattooing.

Tattoos and medicine in a proposal for another version of ‘medical’ tattoos: ‘Tattooing patients with UV ink could protect pacemakers from hackers.’

Famous tattoo artists: Lakra and his non-skin work and Scott Campbell profiled in the Times magazine.

An interesting choice of judge at a tattoo convention: ‘art scholars judge work at Down East Tattoo Show.’

A theory that ‘women get tattooed to feel sexier’ may actually have something to it although I’d venture a guess that it work with both sexes equally well.

The new Guinness record for most body piercings (with a picture and a video).

This one could land in the Guinness record book, too: ‘3-year-old tattoo artist.’ The joy of trying to come up with really ‘original’ things.

Finally, for those who still need their weekly fix of Ink TV – soon ‘Dublin Ink.’

cops, people, needles

Since the Canadian police investigation caused much uproar last week, let’s start with an article stating the good news: ‘police and health unit: no charges in labia reduction surgery.’ The article is also interesting because the authors let the owner of the shop in question speak about the issue (and if you look around, click on the link to the shop’s website etc., you’ll see that they more than ‘pretty reputable’).

On pins and needles defending artistic expression’ discusses tattoo bans that were around not that long ago and provides the readers with some interesting historical trivia.

A handful of articles about tattoo artists: a documentary about Don Ed Hardy, a Milwaukee, WI-based artist and another one about a local guy from KS. To end it on a celebrity not, here’s a short one about Herbert Hoffmann.

Soldiers and tattoos are almost like policemen and donuts and here we have two articles to prove it: ‘tattoos of love and war for US Marines in Afghanistan’ and an Australian one about an Anzac tattoo (and no one can say that running this lil blog is not educational – I learn new things about the world pretty much everyday thanks to it! ;))

Two articles about tattoo conventions: Phuket’s Tattoo Fest and waltzing on wild side at Vienna Tattoo Festival.

For those in CA, a heads-up on an interesting exhibition featuring work by quite well-known tattoo artists: ‘Black and Gray Affair.’ And Canadians should probably know that these days ‘Edmonton is the tattoo capital of Canada.’

Two somewhat lighter articles show a guy who’s going to attempt to break the world record for most body piercings in one session and quite a lot of  geekiest comic book tattoos.

a handful of news

The great news for starters: the investigation involving body modification in Canada that caused much uproar a few days back seems to end on a good for the industry note as it was just stated on Zentastic. A bad aftertaste is still remaining, though.

A few more links for a good measure:

A bit closer to become a cyborg? ‘Human body used as touchpad.’

More traditional: ‘tattoos in Japanese prints at Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.’

This one could serve as a decent inspiration to the author of the Tattoo Shop Mystery series: Mario Barth and his new, 2-in-1, business venture.

‘keep Hell beautiful; get tattooed’?

With Easter right behind the corner, here we have two articles somewhat related to body modification and very related to religion: ‘Church gives ‘tattoo’ during Easter’ and ‘Church welcomes all to embrace ‘piercing.’ It’s actually interesting on its own although the quotation marks were *not* lost on me!

At home in Micronesia’ is about history and tattoo as promotional tools; funny and quite interesting to read, especially in lack of anything else – holiday time means not that many articles posted.

Another dress code case this time from CT where the local marshals will have to cover their tattoos very soon.

Designs on myself’ is from India and discusses how more and more middle-aged and older people get tattoos done.

Finally something in Dutch and about a man with passion for games: ‘red dead redemption tattoo game;’ here’s a little info on the game itself.

laughing inside the box

A distant echo of the April Fool’s jokes in ‘get tattooed and claim 1 million free hours of worldwide wifi;’ this one about a misspelled tattoo sounded like a joke, too, although some comments claimed otherwise.

Much serious a piece of news from Canada where ‘body modification gets under skin of law enforcement.’ Worth reading and some pondering on the subject, especially in the light of Shannon Larratt’s comment on it.

An Australian article claims that ‘tattoos are the fad that won’t fade away’ and even though it might be true, it’s not like all old stereotypes are dying out quickly as this American article about ‘resort rejecting a bus ad for tattoo parlor’ shows.

Body piercings in the American and Namibian (that’s Africa) contexts.

A little more about a tattoo magazine aimed at the Hawaiian branch of the industry.

This one from Nevada probably is not an April Fool joke although it makes the police look like very stereotypical thinkers.

Just to contradict this kind of thinking here we have one published on the CNN site about America Census where a well educated guy tells about his own tattoos and well, he has quite a few of them.

Another one for my ‘charity’ category, this time from the UK: ‘women get tattooed to raise money for charity.’

And finally something very interesting in Polish (but pictures speak for themselves): anatomical tattoos.