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trying to keep abreast

Two pieces of news from Scandinavia will open this update: ‘Danish children and tattoos’ and an ‘expected review of the products used by Swedish tattoo studios.’

Speaking of reviewing and adhering to the rules, an interesting article from Bhutan about the local, illegally working tattoo artists.

Local tattoo scene rattled by probe’ is quite interesting to read.

Quite difficult art of cover-ups is covered here.

I think I posted links to articles about prostheses decorated with air-brushed tattoos but pictures seldom are included. Here’s an interesting article and a picture of it” ‘true colors.’

Something to look at in an article and a few pictures from ‘SF Body Art Expo.’

Finally, two other interesting additions to my ‘modified charity’ category: another case of tattooing for Haiti and ‘anti-tattoo mom getting a tattoo for a good cause.’

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  1. Don

    The Danish children article there was interesting I thought, particularly the parallels being drawn with underage alcohol. The age for both in the UK is 18 but whereas age-limited alcohol sales are rigidly enforced and prosecutions brought, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a case of a tattooist being prosecuted for tattooing a minor – with or without their parents’ collusion.

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