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dress code battles

Dress code strikes yet again in another article from UT, ‘In Ogden tattoos, piercings break the rules,’ and – surprise surprise – in a handful of Polish ones on a similar topic (since all of them say basically the same thing, I’m linking to only one of them). To sum it up (keeping in mind Bastian’s request), an excellent sniper was dismissed after the doctors saw his tattoos and decided they make him unable to serve abroad. The article makes a pretty good point, though, drawing our attention to the fact that soldier tattoos are often a means to deal with very traumatic experiences and stressful situations. And really, how tattoos can show under his uniform? I can understand that there may be cultural differences between the Westerners wearing tattoos and the locals being against tattoos due to their religion/ cultural background but after thousands of heavily tattooed American/ English/ Scandinavian/ etc. soldiers having stayed there for years now (Afghanistan), one tattooed soldier from Poland would hardly make a difference!

A different way of looking at tattoos in this CNN video about ‘Thailand’s superhuman tattoos’ (see? The power of positive thinking associated with body art!)

Tattoo removal in ‘study suggests a more personal approach to tattoo removal.’

A tad of humor never hurts, so here’s a German slide show of fast food tattoos.

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One response to “dress code battles

  1. bastian ⋅

    Thanks for the summary! Saves me from learning ‘obscure languages’ (your words, not mine :)).
    And gaining superhuman powers via tattoos is a cool concept. Maybe I should…. 🙂

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