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I like weird coincidences and they tend to happen quite often; let’s take a look at this one: I’ve just finished reading ‘Kőrpermodifikation im Wandel der Zeit’ (which proved to be quite weak as a whole) where I got to read about Karl Rove’s father’s piercings and secret life only to stumble upon an online article about it: ‘Karl Rove Mum about gay, pierced dad.’

Dress code and a question of role models strike yet again in ‘Ogden teacher says it’s his right to display arm tattoos’ and in an article about a student suspended for having a nose piercing allegedly inspired by a teacher’s piercing.

In other, not that hot, news, another article about new Penguin book covers and a slide show of modified people as seen at a tattoo convention in Buenos Aires.

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4 responses to “*in*appropriate

  1. Steph

    so took a peek at the slide show and this caught my attention: “Tattooing is practiced worldwide and is used for beautification, identification, cosmetic and medicinal purposes.”
    Medicinal? I can see it for medication related identification but not for actual medical reasons aside from possible “therapeutic” ones.

    Those captions seemed hideously childish to me personally, perhaps that’s because I’m not new to the tattoo industry. However, it irritates me to NO end when people claim that you can get HIV from being tattooed. Because you CAN’T urgh! Sorry, needed to vent a little 😉

  2. bastian ⋅

    “medicinal” = blood type tattoos, and some people get things like “DNR” or other emergency medicine advice-related tattoos, like medication allergies etc. Emergency medical staff is trained to look out for these, so, yeah, people do get “medicinal” tattoos.

  3. bastian ⋅

    steph: This is an example of what I was referring to: It’s not that uncommon.

  4. aniareads ⋅

    very nicely explained, Bastian:)
    I think Steph gets the point seeing as stated “Medicinal? I can see it for medication related identification but not for actual medical reasons aside from possible “therapeutic” ones’
    Question of poor wording perhaps?

    I’m gonna update with a scoop in Polish now! Seriously, ppl, start learning obscure languages 😉

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