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good causes, nice touch

Thanks to little help from the Master of the Links (a.k.a. my friend Bastian) I got to read about ‘a teen forcefully tattooed’ in Australia. Interesting are the links journalists thought about as forceful tattooing was described not only in a quite popular now ‘the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ novel but also in films (here ‘Inglorius Bastards’ are mentioned). The comment about the attackers ‘being not the reading types’ was both hilarious and quite unjustified.

Maybe it’s time to add a new category to my blog as apparently there are many modified people out there who are willing to reach out to others and help them; here a few new examples: ‘marathon tattoo session’ from Ireland and tattoo fundraisers from the USA.

Another interesting project involving tattoos and a good cause is featured in the article ’15,000 dots for Iraq and counting.’

Bastian also sent me this one about the history of tattoos.

A nice one for ‘dessert’: Dr Seuss tattoos.

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  1. bastian ⋅

    my pleasure!

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