Some new interesting articles about tattoos:

When done in unsanitary places, tattoos can be dangerous (apparently it’s not that safe to get tattooed in FL) but tattoos can also be life-savers – medical tattoo here.

Tattoo causing an odd problem in ‘knives out over offensive tattoos.’

Not that bad an article from Malaysia about tattoos and stereotypes – those who never had a funny encounter/ discussion with strangers about their modifications should rise their hands now!

I used to read the Revolver magazine, so now I’m kind of bummed that I won’t get to buy this one special issue devoted to tattoos! And since it mentions Paul Booth, here’s an article about one artist exhibiting his art at Booth’s place in NYC.

Finally, cheap and wacky as it is, ‘NBA’s worst tattoos’ – laughing at others, especially when your own taste may prove to be highly disputable, is quite interesting to watch.