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questions, wow’s and party times

Here a few I got to fish out to start a week:

An article from Canada: ‘how old is old enough to get pierced?

Another ‘important’ question is ‘are tattoos and piercings unattractive?’ I must admit, however, that the author of this post really is to something as it’s pretty amazing how many people perceive body art in an ‘old way.’

Facial tattoo shown not as a huge obstacle to get a job in ‘the vintage tee-shirt dealer with a tattooed face.’

Ever since I got my own tongue split, I love articles about them (even if only to see how much of re-growth others got;)), so here’s a short one from Asia: ‘invasion of body mods.’

Party time in Australia (‘Hot Ink Tattoo Party’) and in Germany (a slideshow of tattoos spotted in a few German nightclubs).

This one is good: ‘Penguin Inks Series’ with book covers designed by tattoo artists. I’m one of those who’d prefer to see a different book selection, though!

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