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ideals, cliches and glitter

Another bunch of quite interesting ones:

Straight Edge lost its edge, as it seems, but the ideals behind it are noble and for some they still mean a lot hence a short article about ‘straight edge [seen as] lifestyle with punk roots.’

Lots has already been said about the *in*famous Christian Audigier; here he discusses his new clothing line.

Another one all about glitter, show and money in an article about ‘Musink Tattoo and Music Festival.’

Rybnik is all about tattoos’ is in Polish and describes quite amazing phenomenon: how is it possible that in a middle-size town in the middle of nowhere a few talented tattoo artists not only managed to establish thriving tattoo shops but also get noticed in the international scene!

Finally, something indirectly-related: ‘common tattoos’ discusses the girl with the dragon tattoo movie. I’ve been reading the last part of the Millennium Trilogy for last few weeks but I’m blaming it more on the lack of time and loads of things to do than the quality of the book. The whole cycle is worth checking out!

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