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talk away, I’ll still love it!

One would think that living in a democratic country would allow us to express ourselves and live our lives the way we want to but obviously it’s not the case if Prime Ministers take it as a priority  to tell us what they think about tattoos on women (although commenting on tattoos on men would be equally inappropriate!).

Sure tattoos can be a huge obstacle in your career (especially if you wanna become a funeral director!) but hopefully not that many people get their tattoos done when they’re drunk out of their minds.

For some tattoos mean good luck! Fashion both ostracizes the real, permanent body art and exploits it whenever it finds it useful and profitable.

With such a heavy going back and forth in the mainstream world, one must admire the real tattoo enthusiasts’ consistency and the tattoo artists’ generosity and willingness to help when it’s needed (as show these two cases of help for Haiti).

Something entirely different to end this one: ‘augmented reality tattoo’ (another one). Even if it’s not real, it looks quite cool!

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