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interesting news in obscure languages

For most Canadians it’s probably mainly about the Winter Olympic Games now but in Calgary there’s a serious action going against unlicensed, home-based ‘tattoo businesses.’ It seems to be supported by local licensed tattoo artists. It’s not only a Canadian problem, though, as shown in this article from IN, USA.

Dress code issue in Denmark – ‘no biker tattoos for prison guards.’

Interesting interviews with tattoos artists: the famous Kat Von D and a local Polish tattoo artist, worth checking out, though.

Tattoos may be still associated with bikers and criminals but they also get featured in museums, not only in the form of exhibits: ‘Maori mask making workshop at Swansea Museum.’

Self-injury is a controversial subject; here a very brief article about self-injury as seen by American Psychiatric Association in its Diagnostic and Statistic Manual.

Ever met a modified person who didn’t have a problem with showing off their modifications? It’s pretty common, I think, but – as these two short texts in Dutch show – it might also be dangerous, especially if you have no problems with showing off your genital mods in public places.

Making the most temporary tattoos’ in AZ.

I’m aware that Polish is not that widely known and used a language but since I’m (surprise surprise) fluent in it and this one is kind of funny in this ‘amazingly twisted’ way, check out an article about a heavily modified Pole whose modifications don’t really make me floored but the way they are described makes me laugh pretty hard.

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2 responses to “interesting news in obscure languages

  1. bastian ⋅

    The “losing job after flashing pierced genitals” incindent happened in
    Australia – here’s an (Aussie-)English article: click.

  2. aniareads ⋅

    Dutch adds some variety, though, doesn’t it? 😉

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