depraving, scary and still enticing

Who knew that gays and tattoos always go hand in hand? Apparently, it’s a secret known only to the Southern gentlemen and one of them decided to reveal it to all other people out there: ‘Chambliss: if gays will serve, there will be tattoos’ (more). Senator Chambliss was heard by many and people’s responses were quite interesting. On a side note, here’s a very tiny article in Polish stating that in the Polish army tattoos are not a problem (most of the time).

The ‘job market’ argument against tattoos sounds reasonable (‘Starbucks employee claims he was fired because of his tattoos’) but maybe it’s just a question of good mimicry skills (‘Scotland’s scariest teacher’). Now let’s just wait and see if this Scottish teacher’s openness won’t bring any bad consequences for her.

Times change and an approach toward tattoos changes as well (which is obvious, of course). A pretty interesting article about a kind of ‘new wave’ of well-educated people in the tattoo industry shows it quite well.

An interesting article from United Arab Emirate describes the tattoo underground there!

Finally, something lighter: popularity of ‘Prison Break’ came and went but its fans can revive it with a little help of a new game based on the show.