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changes, sometimes for free and for the better

It’s not new by now that tattoos are not what they used to be but it’s nice to remember that tattoos undergo ‘demographic changes.’ Which is even more obvious when tattoos enter museums – here a request from the Riverside museum!

Celebrating ‘the Greensboro Four’ and civil rights with tattoos  was already mentioned here but here’s a little more info on the event. Another interesting article about modified people doing something for others and not expecting anything in return in ‘Activist slackers.’

An odd article from New Zealand about a guy whose last will, tattoo-related, was not fulfilled!

Finally some eye candy: ‘skin art, hot tattoos at the Super Bowl 2010 players.’

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2 responses to “changes, sometimes for free and for the better

  1. Steph

    that museum would be awesome to participate in!
    Why can’t they do something like that here?
    Maybe it will catch on?

    Caught up, awesome links and thoughts as always!

  2. readmyink ⋅

    I love the museum idea–they should do that in more cities!

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