good actions, bad laughs

Key words for today’s post would be ‘charity’ and ‘making fun of fan tattoos’ as there’s a high number of articles devoted to just these these topics.

Let’s start with this more interesting one: tragedy in Haiti is yesterday’s news by now but there are people who remember that help is still needed; sure enough, *in*famous ‘low-life’ tattooed people jump to help, too: WA, AZ and, much earlier, a nice action in Australia.

Free tattoos are also offered to celebrate museum opening in Greensboro, NC; I used my meagre Google skills to learn more about the reason for celebration and it seems like it’s acool one: the Greensboro Four.

An interesting photgtaphy exhibit described in this blog from Chicago: ‘Baby, is that a new tattoo?‘  The concept behind the exhibit seems thought-provoking.

Less thought-provoking are these articles about *cough* branding performed on one of TCU students.

Thaipusam festival in Singapore’ is a slide show of the event.

And finally the whole streak of fan tattoos: ‘Manchester City fan blue,’ ‘Saints’ fans in black and gold,’ ‘Chad Kroeger tattoo easily hidden,’ ‘Mom gets a tattoo to secure her daughter free tickets to the shows’ and one ‘Chicago Bears tattoo.’ Maybe a waste of time but also a lesson not to take things too seriously all the time.