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law, economy and some fun

Industry regulations in FL, SC (these are interesting) and from England.

Local shops in ‘Depp tattooist opens in Bath,’ ‘tattoo artist credits 31 years of experience as a key to success,’ ‘tattooist Darren makes his mark’ and ‘breaking down stereotypes one tat at a time.’ Mr Depp tattooist was quoted saying soemthing very interesting: “Many tattooists see themselves as part of God’s unfinished world. He couldn’t decorate the skin, so he left it to us.”

Two sides of the economy coin: LA tattoo shops seem to be flourishing while FL tattoo shops are more on the struggling side; or so say the journalists.

When I was reading an article about fans loving a show so much that they decided to get tattoos to honor it, I started thinking if there was a show I like enough to get a tattoo of. And then I remembered that once I loved BME so much that I got its logo tattooed on me. From shaking my head over the fans’ choice I went to ‘aah, I understand the sentiment!’

This one looks cool enough for me: temporary tattoo fun for kids, this time in a hand puppet form!

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