around the world in a few pieces of news

When temperature over here sinks lower and lower, it’s hard to believe that somewhere else people are readying for the summer. They are, however, and the Australian doctors launched a health campaign warning against risks related to body piercings.

More news from the southern hemisphere: a big success of the Taiwanese tattoo artists and an interesting idea from Japan: Kewpie dolls with tattoos.

The news from the US include Kate Hellenbrand’s unfortunate accident, a deal involving MSU tattoo-match technology and a small update on one of the American ‘tattoo schools.’

Europe: a photography exhibit showing tattooed women  and a documentary about Mara Salvatrucha from Germany, interesting and quite amusing news about the ‘QueenHelen Mirren who (surprise surprise) has a tattoo and hates it and a down-to-earth and stripped of any celeb-like pretensions interview with a local English tattooist.

Something for indirectly-related category was submitted by Bastian (thank you!): an interview with Dolly Parton where, in a way, she discusses her own take on body modification.