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Being swamped with RL work means not much time for anything else but here you have a few interesting links from the last week:

Multiple tattoos linked to deviant behavior are something to consider but then again, ‘tattoos can [also] reveal your lover’s personality.’ Get tattooed at your responsibility then?

Eyeball tattoo trend’ seems to claim things that are not really there.

Tattoos in much of their historical and cultural glory exhibited as ‘the culture of ink’ at one of American universities.

Another side of tattoo glory in pictures from the Bangkok International Tattoo Convention.

Interesting tidbits of history: ‘the buzz about tattoos’ and ‘Kate Hellenbrand: the godmother of tattooing.’

Bizarre news in a short article in Dutch about a guy who got an interesting (or not) facial tattoo and a pretty cool slideshow showing ‘Circus of Horrors.’

BBC’s celeb tattoo quiz for those into something lighter and gossipy; much to my own amusement (and relief?) I scored only 2 points.

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