tattoo fair

I’m not a fan of the news focused on celebs but these are quite good for a few reasons: the article showing David Beckham’s body art-related evolution is interesting – body becoming less and less blank, so often both admired and criticized and, certainly, his own self-perception also changing over time (even us ordinary mortals with some ink coverage experience that); another one mentioning an Austrian model who doesn’t hide her tattoos while doing photo shoots but rather exposing them and using to her advantage and, on the opposite side, Megan Fox signing a lucrative ad campaign deal, eager to ‘doctor’ her body to look more acceptable. Choices are ours and yet we are so often manipulated by people out there.

 A cross of conventional beauty playing with an alternative touch in an article about MissInkAmerica pageant.

Another product exploiting popularity of tattoos: ‘iLuvTatz headphones.’

If you liked the headphone spelling, you’ll also like this one: ‘the 20 worst typo tattoos’ (for some reason I found the captions hilarious and, to make it even funnier, I managed to misspell ‘hilarious,’ so thanks gawds for spell checker!).