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fashion, prison and down-to-earth guys

Beginning of a new year always makes us more determined to stick to our resolutions; for some ‘tattoos [may seem] better than new year’s resolutions.’

Australian tattooing has its own share of popular symbols but looks like some of them are being replaced: ‘love of Australia more than skin deep.’ Also from Australia come these articles: ‘inking a reputation’ about the upcoming Surf’n’Ink tattoo convention and ‘painted ladies become poster girls for tattoo culture’ which is self-explanatory.

More mainstream ‘poster girls’ are getting edgy thanks to temporary tattoos by Chanel brand itself (also in Dutch and Spanish).

Prisoners may have been trend setters when it came to tattoos but it’s long gone times; these days they are rather followers of more extreme modifications: ‘inmates with eye tattoo;’ as always, let me direct you to Shannon Larratt’s blog where you can find both detailed and sensible information on the procedure.

Rebellious (or careless?) teenager in an article about body piercing without parental consent; interesting also because it sheds some light on the industry regulations in TX.

I must admit I’ve never heard about Lehigh Valley before but I read the article about the local tattoo artists there with some interest (always interested in stuff with local touch after all); words of one of the artists quoted made me smile, though: While the shows have made tattoos more popular and mainstream, since those shows started, “I’ve had to hear everyone’s life stories,” Santa says. “If you like artwork, get artwork. Everything doesn’t have to have a meaning behind it.” Amen, I guess?

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