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humans, sinners

Two interesting articles in German about Wim Delvoye and Tim Steiner a.k.a. a living work of art.

In a similar, art-like way a short article about the ‘House of the Mannequins’ movie which seems so extreme that it managed to ‘offend festival-goers.’

Funny news in ‘ink on skin doesn’t necessarily indicate sin’ (to quote it: ‘‘the relationship between body art and deviant behavior is significant only for those who have adorned their exteriors in extreme ways’).

An interesting and not even ambiguous take on facial tattoos in ‘facial tattoos draw bullets like honey draws flies’ (kind of inspired by this piece of news’).

Bulgaria doesn’t appear too often on here, so let’s take a look at an article from this country: ‘the tiger – preferred tattoo’ as 2010 is a year of the tiger.

Speaking of animals, another case of ‘tattoos for a good cause,’ this time in Germany. Maybe I should create a new category for such events to show that ‘ink on skin really does not indicate deviant behaviors,’ quite the opposite actually 😉

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2 responses to “humans, sinners

  1. bastian ⋅

    That mannequin house movie article reminded me of when I saw von Triers’ “Antichrist” when it was shown at the Cannes film festival last spring. The audiences’ reactions were equally mixed (there are some extremely disturbing scenes in it) and there were people who left the theater prematurely….

  2. Steph

    What getting tattooed doesn’t mean your being deviant? Are you telling me that I’ve gotten it wrong all these years and wasted all that money? 😉

    You know, I always loathed the classic “Did that hurt?” question. So now when I see a piece that particularity intrigues me, I always ask the person why they got it and what it means to them and they usually answer me. Usually its not because they’re proclaiming themselves to be “deviant and or defiant”, who knew haha.

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