first post of 2010, obviously!

The new year brings some new regulations, so let’s start with them:

New laws concerning body piercing and tattoos in IA: ‘ID now a must’ (more); and things look pretty optimistic in AZ where ‘number of tattoo parlor permits rises.’

For those of us who often travel and have some hidden piercings, here something worth to think of: ‘airport security information from TSA for travelers.’

It’s hard not to look back around this time of the year, so here we have ‘ridiculous tattoos of 2009’ focused on the celebrities, of course, and  ‘hopeful beginning’ reflecting both on 2009 and what 2010 may bring.

Pretty random and yet still interesting: ‘tattoo school’ ready to open, ‘firefighter’s tattoo inspiring apparel line’ and ‘Ed Hardy on wine labels.’

Bastian submitted an interesting link to a slide show of love tattoos on celebrities – thanks!

Maybe slightly belated but still best wishes to Herbert Hoffman who turned 90 a few days back – here you can read a little about his colorful life and career.

Let’s see what else 2010 will bring our way!