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no mistletoe, lots of tattoos

A Dutch article about the ‘star girl’ I’ve just come across reminded me of the big uproar she caused a few months ago and also showed how short-living it was for us and how nightmarishly long is must feel to her. Sure she made us doubt everything she says but still, let’s hope she’ll be all right after all.

Interesting and pretty ‘hardcore’ news from the US: tattoo marathon that might end as a new world record.

Bali doesn’t strike ‘us’ as a place where tattoos are very popular but ‘our’ impressions can be wrong quite often. Here’s an article about the Balinese tattoo scene and a tattoo magazine debuting there.

Books about tattoos are one of my favorite kind and here are two new titles that may be worth checking out: ‘Tattoos in Japan’ and another review of the ‘Tatted’ book showing the tattoo scene in Philadelphia.

Something touching to end this post – every body allegedly has a story and here’s a memorial story that’s a ‘tribute paid in ink, blood and long tresses.’

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2 responses to “no mistletoe, lots of tattoos

  1. Steph

    As always lots of goodies!
    Although I have to say I hate and I do mean hate the word tat/tatted/tatties and the like. Drives me INSANE! Its a tattoo, ink whichever not a “tat”. Maybe because it reminds me so much of the word tattered.

    Anyway end of rant lol. I will however def. take a closer look at some of these books you review one of these days 🙂

    Oh speaking of memorial tattoos… I’m writing up a special editorial about the one I’m getting on the 28th and seeing as how I’m on vacation, I’ll actually have time. Pending of course that my server is up and running again.

  2. aniareads ⋅

    haha looks like there’s slowly building a list of ‘forbidden’ words – I know someone who’s allergic to the word ‘dude’ 😛

    I’m getting extremely proud of my book collection on the subject (and with some rare ones included!); expect a new review today or so!

    finally, looking forward to reading about your new tattoo – may it be a good sitting for you!

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