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The news in Dutch doesn’t appear on here as often as I would like but here’s one interesting piece: allegedly 92% of tattoo shops in the Netherlands are safe and stick to regulations.

Three artists: Mr Cartoon and some of his side projects, Ed Hardy in a short interview and a body art performer discussing the body in a pretty interesting way (worth checking out as so many modified people claim that their bodies are the only thing they really own and this guy’s opinion differs in this regard quite strongly).

Quite controversial art project in New Zealand: ‘Queen with moko portrait draws complaints.’

Boing Boing’s review of ‘Black Tattoo Art’ book with some nice pictures from it.

Tattoos-inspired art on our tables and walls? Quite possible as you can see in ‘on the table’ and ‘tile tattoos from Mibo.’

Finally something for the fans of slideshows and rankings: ’10 best tattoos in NBA.’