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hidden and drastic

A small bunch of links to start a new week:

News about ‘novel infrared technique to identify hidden tattoos’ (more with pictures demonstrating the ‘trick’) is quite interesting and the invention more useful than it may seem at first.

A German article asks quite serious a question of ‘what is body art’ and it really is quite interesting to consider, seeing as Orlan, Stelarc, the Lizardman and many others all practice body art in various forms.

Another German one with a ‘Wow! Ouch!’ attitude published on mentions suspensions, split tongues and many other body modifications. Somehow I found this article lacking in a broader perspective on the subject. My favorite line from this one described suspensions as hanging ‘‘wie geschlachtetes Vieh an lang gezogenen Hautlappen.’ Yes, that’s the point! Also, notice how it was categorized!

Tattoos gaining popularity in Botswana’ one isn’t overly great but both the context and location deserve some attention.

Finally a DVD featuring some ink in ‘tale of a tall man’s tattoo’ – touches quite popular a topic of NBA players and their shameless tattoo sporting.

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2 responses to “hidden and drastic

  1. bastian ⋅

    haha, I thought about alerting your to the “Focus” article, but decided against it after reading it. I’ve seldom seen a more badly researched piece of junk that’s teeming with errors in form and content and doesn’t even get its basic facts right – and this from a publication that claims to be all about “Fakten, Fakten, Fakten”. Your critique was way too flattery….

  2. aniareads ⋅

    it’s about documenting, remember? if it’s interesting enough and shows the subject one way or another, it should be here.
    ever felt like slaughtered cattle while suspending? 😛

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