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monstrous length, interesting links

The topic of body modification (tattoos mainly) in work settings appears in articles quite often. A pretty interesting article was recently published in the Washington Post: ‘In D.C. area, tattoos are largely taboo from 9 to 5;’ even more interesting is how the story was developed with some help from the readers in the ‘Story Lab blog.’ A similar, not very optimistic stand on tattoos and jobs takes this article from IL which title says it all: ‘Tattoos could destroy your chance of getting a job.’ (Bad) news spread fast, so here we have a Polish summary of the Washington Post article. In a similar vein is a short article from Germany discussing results of the survey among Germans showing what they find un/acceptable on their police force.

Quite different is the article from Hong Kong: ‘women shrug off tattoo taboo;’ (in Polish).

Very interesting is an American article about soldiers and tattoos (quite traditional and common a combo): ‘Soldiers find comfort at tattoo shops, churches and other refuges;’ as a bonus, here’s a slide show of ‘tattoos in the military.’

I’m not a huge fan on Ink-TV shows but the Rescue Ink seems different; here two relevant articles: ‘Batso: tattooed animal rescuer turned TV star’ and ‘tough and tattooed, Rescue Ink bikers take on animal abuse.’

A self-injury label is often thrown our way and we’re accused of disfiguring or even mutilating our bodies; quite interesting reasoning then may be found in ‘tattoos and piercings: self-injury?

Health and risks: bad news from Belgium where a young woman experiences some serious health complications after getting a tattoo (in German).

This story is very interesting and seems taken straight from the old freakshow: ‘The Marked Man: Jack Dracula’s New London’s years.’

Since I’m always up for new books on tattoos and body modification in general, here are two articles about two books: ‘Book review: the tattooed lady;’ (oddly enough, I bought it on amazon a week ago; still waiting for it to be delivered) and ‘Philly tattoos get their own book ‘Tatted’.’

An interesting idea how to raise money: ‘Artist auctions her tattoos online.’

 To end on a lighter and positive note, maybe tattoos and other forms of body modification are still frown upon and make our lives a little more difficult but there must be something about them if mature people find them attractive, too: ‘more seniors get tattoos.’

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3 responses to “monstrous length, interesting links

  1. bastian ⋅

    monstrous length? Not really! Masses of links to check, though 🙂 And the senior tattoo story was interesting – who knows, maybe I’ll get around to that when I’m that age (which isn’t as far in the future as I’d like)

  2. Steph

    Length? Bah its not long lol/
    But yes lots of very interesting links to check but as always some good reading to reflect upon here!

    I’ll never forget that woman in her 80’s a few years ago who popped into Tim’s shop to cash in on the gift certificate she got for Christmas. Tattoos aren’t just for the young and crazy anymore!

    Granted were becoming more of the middle aged set 😉 lol

  3. aniareads ⋅

    bastian: I totally see some tattoos in your future – you’ve been going in this direction for some time now 😉

    Steph: I bet some of these seniors are asking themselves ‘why the hell did I wait so long for that?’
    hopefully both you and I will be nicely covered before we reach the ‘senior’ age 😉

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