monstrous length, interesting links

The topic of body modification (tattoos mainly) in work settings appears in articles quite often. A pretty interesting article was recently published in the Washington Post: ‘In D.C. area, tattoos are largely taboo from 9 to 5;’ even more interesting is how the story was developed with some help from the readers in the ‘Story Lab blog.’ A similar, not very optimistic stand on tattoos and jobs takes this article from IL which title says it all: ‘Tattoos could destroy your chance of getting a job.’ (Bad) news spread fast, so here we have a Polish summary of the Washington Post article. In a similar vein is a short article from Germany discussing results of the survey among Germans showing what they find un/acceptable on their police force.

Quite different is the article from Hong Kong: ‘women shrug off tattoo taboo;’ (in Polish).

Very interesting is an American article about soldiers and tattoos (quite traditional and common a combo): ‘Soldiers find comfort at tattoo shops, churches and other refuges;’ as a bonus, here’s a slide show of ‘tattoos in the military.’

I’m not a huge fan on Ink-TV shows but the Rescue Ink seems different; here two relevant articles: ‘Batso: tattooed animal rescuer turned TV star’ and ‘tough and tattooed, Rescue Ink bikers take on animal abuse.’

A self-injury label is often thrown our way and we’re accused of disfiguring or even mutilating our bodies; quite interesting reasoning then may be found in ‘tattoos and piercings: self-injury?

Health and risks: bad news from Belgium where a young woman experiences some serious health complications after getting a tattoo (in German).

This story is very interesting and seems taken straight from the old freakshow: ‘The Marked Man: Jack Dracula’s New London’s years.’

Since I’m always up for new books on tattoos and body modification in general, here are two articles about two books: ‘Book review: the tattooed lady;’ (oddly enough, I bought it on amazon a week ago; still waiting for it to be delivered) and ‘Philly tattoos get their own book ‘Tatted’.’

An interesting idea how to raise money: ‘Artist auctions her tattoos online.’

 To end on a lighter and positive note, maybe tattoos and other forms of body modification are still frown upon and make our lives a little more difficult but there must be something about them if mature people find them attractive, too: ‘more seniors get tattoos.’