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human species and its beliefs

I love thinking about humans in terms of pure biology and being just another animal species, so I quite enjoyed a brief outline of the results of research done by the Polish anthropologists from Wroclaw: ‘tattoos, piercings may advertise good health.’ It certainly is a very interesting idea although I’d argue how valid it actually may be in the modern society (as it certainly would make more sense in more traditional, not to say ‘primitive,’ settings); the probe is small and I wonder how modified the test subjects actually were. Sadly, there’s only a very short outline of the article available on the home page of Evolution and Human Behavior website. Definitely both an interesting and entertaining idea, though!

 ‘Tackling the traditional tattoo taboo’ discusses Christians and tattoos and mentions Christian Tattoo Association; in a similar vein, I also got to read about ‘my sign of God’ where a British Christian describes his reasons behind his quite visible cross tattoo.

 Art inspired by tattoo motifs in ‘scratching the surface with tattoo ink.’

 Finally, to help you shut up the mouths of all the people asking the ever annoying ‘does-it-hurt?’ question, here’s a tattoo pain chart!

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One response to “human species and its beliefs

  1. bastian ⋅

    haha, the pain chart is hilarious! I always wonder where you dig out all these stories!

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