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A post-Thanksgiving thought in ‘inkless and thankful’ which I categorized as ‘gem;’ if there is one ‘valid’ reason for getting tattooed, it must be so all the people against body modification could write and whine about it! Personally, I’m thankful for having gotten as many tattoos as I have to date and I’ll be thankful if I get many more.

Tattoos and good cause again in another ‘Ink, not Mink’ ad (Linkin Park singer this time) and an interesting initiative from the UK based Ultimate Holding Company: the Extinked Project.

‘Slightly’ different is, of course, Wim Delvoye’s project and here another article about him, just to remind people out there of him.

 ‘Tattoos are no lost art’ discusses sports and tattoos again – we’ve already heard all about it. And even if many athletes get inked, many sports fans do so as well; here a Polish gallery of ‘football fans and their tattoos.’

 Athletes, actors and musicians have done quite a lot to change the bad image of tattoos; people in the West are aware of that. In Vietnam the process has just begun: ‘celebrities break tattoo taboo.’

 A nice article from Germany about the oldest tattoo shop in the country shows us quite well the history of tattooing in Europe and a few old-timers covered in ink. Worth checking out!

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