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multilingual tattoo fun

A German movie review for starters – ‘Hori-sho’ about Japanese tattoos;

Another German one about something less traditional: ‘how people become cyborgs’ show future possible improvements of human abilities. In the same vein a little more about LED tattoos (and here a link to an article in Polish, too).

Local artists and industry in ‘artwork on a human canvas’ and ‘conformity tattooed to all to see’ about tattoo industry and tattooed people in Richmond, VA.

In case someone would like to get a more traditional design, here are ’10 tips for getting a tattoo in Tahiti.’

Books about tattoos: ‘books that get under your skin’ sadly don’t seem to bring up anything new although some good titles are included.

 Church and tattoos with a little twist: ‘church tattooed with hoax text.’

 Something to browse through at a slow pace to end this post: ‘best Philly tattoos.’

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