catching up

A week without news-related updates does not mean I’m slacking; I’ve been busy with reading this ‘Electric Michelangelo’ novel, then reading another book about tattoos and watching ‘Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry’ DVD as I got it in the mail on Thursday and it worked on my DVD player despite this damn region 1 restriction. On to the news, though:

Tattoos of the future? ‘blood-powered digital tattoos’ sound interesting!

 Young Germans and meanings behind their tattoos.

 But at the same time … ‘Tattoo trade is the Wild West’ with few rules;’ which might be true a degree as this opinion appears over and over in articles not only from the US. After all it’s so easy to get a tattoo kit, even if you’re only a beginner.

 Tattoos for good causes: ‘ex-soldier gets tattoos of dead’ to support ‘Help for Heroes’ charity in the UK, also from the UK is the one about a 60-yr-old woman whose first tattoo raised £ 1600 to support people suffering from cancer and an American press note about ‘Get Ink for Autism benefit.’

 Religion: ‘faiths debate whether tattoos are appropriate’ and ‘modernity casts spell over magic tattoos in Cambodia.’

 Old negativeness around tattoos in short articles from Inverness: ‘Club tattoo ban threat to war heroes’ and ‘Club war breaks out over tattoo ban’ (the first article on the subject in this post of mine).

 Lack of health regulations and more extreme body modifcations in “hooked on pain’ (and yes, this one is about suspension!) and ‘body art that’s on the cutting edge.’

 Don Ed Hardy and his overcommercialized by now tattoo art in ‘WTF? Ed Hardy water’ (thanks to Bastian for this one!) and ‘Ed Hardy’s tattoo art is booty for digital pirates.’