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stats and bans

A little more about Sailor Jerry and Tattooed Under Fire documentaries; I really hope that this ‘under fire’ one will be possible to buy.

 Various statistics about tattoos in the USA are old news by now but this one presents both more general and local data: ‘Tat stats’ from Minnesota. ‘All ink and bodies’ presents the tattoo industry in Fiji – more exotic and more rarely described a location.

 Interesting oppositions: a fancy NYC hotel gets a tattooist-in-residence (quite famous a one at that) while a small club in Scotland seems to be banning tattoos; another in the ‘ban’ vein is the one from MO where a nursing school bans visible tattoos.

 This one is in Polish, so let me say more about it; the title is ‘already an art form or still a subculture?’ and one of the people quoted in it offers an interesting (and quite unrealistic, I think) idea that soon tattooing will be offered at art schools as one of the possible career paths. Any thoughts?

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