army, experience and some local touch

I’m still waiting for my copy of ‘Hori Smoku’ documentary and here is another interesting one that should be made more accessible: ‘tattooed under fire’ about soldiers and tattoos ( trailer).

 In China tattoos seem to be a huge obstacle if one wants to be a soldier, though: ‘terrible tattoo, a sad way to lose college and army opportunities.’

 Another Asia-related one is ‘Yakuza: Japan’s Not-So-Secret Mafia.’

 My personal impression is that it’s a very American thing to combine years of experience to advertise a business – two artists with 10 years of experience each thus make 20 years of experience combined. Sometimes years of experience are pretty impressive anyway, though: the OH artist working here does really have (over) 31 years of experience under her own belt.

 Another local shop and artist, this time from NJ, in an article about Tattoo Tony.

 Nice, quite random tattoos in a blog post ‘Weekly Ink.’

 The Living Canvas book by Karen L. Hudson reminded me that body art is not only about tattoos, piercings or scarification but also about less permanent forms of art; here pretty stunning examples of body painting!