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FBI, Ink Tv and gooseflesh on the top

I got to read about it on Zentastic first (and Shannon’s disclaimer right on the top of it really is heart-breaking as, personally, I think his writing on the subject was always very inspiring and I miss it a lot!) but here we have it in the news of sort, too: ‘FBI demands tattoo shops rat on customers.’

 Filled with portraits of people this one is going to be:

 Jews and tattoos in ‘my rose tattoo’ and ‘breaking the tattoo taboo’ which quotes Ami James.

 Another Ink TV star, Corey Miller, in an article showing the place he lives in. And another one in the ‘Ink TV’ vein but also discussing military tattoos in ‘tattoos are more than art for local marine.’

 This AZ article claims that ‘piercings is a cool job’ while this one from NV portrays the current situation in the local industry and hints on economy, too.

 Tattoo sleeves in a new book ‘Bloodwork: Sleeves.

 With Halloween just being over, here are two somewhat related  articles: ‘one-day tattoos’ thanks to tattoo spray (looks like fake body art was a hit this year) and a nice frightening slideshow of scary tattoos.

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4 responses to “FBI, Ink Tv and gooseflesh on the top

  1. Steph

    While I can see the FBI’s point (to a VERY limited degree) its still a rather obscure way to go about doing things!
    Shannon raised some very valid points I must say in terms of why its just flat out wrong!

    I’m also finally getting around to writing a convention report for you 🙂

  2. aniareads ⋅

    better sooner than never:P

    I know that in my country such a way to get information wouldn’t be accepted at all – over the centuries and various political regimes we developed a very huge distate towards anything that even vaguely reminds of narking, ratting, informing etc. Even if it’s ethically good and justifiable to contact the police and inform them about things, most ppl over here would rather say nothing than providing information.

  3. Steph

    Yep, here too! I spoke to one of my artists about that and I have to say they too thought it was totally bogus! But you know the fight on terrorism reigns supreme even though they’re grasping at straws I would think!

  4. anon ⋅

    Hasn’t anyone thought that maybe the FBI has become aware or was warned about something that could be of risk to Americans..

    The government – damned if they do, and damned if they don’t do enough. Now they are blamed they didn’t do enough on Fort Knox..

    Wonder, isn’t this not like the same things

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