world records, religious takes and some ‘bizarre’ stuff

News about the Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth were already posted here but this piece could be published only after the event took place:  ‘Mario Barth breaks world record hosting the show.’

 An interesting piece of news from Florida where the local senator, Eleanor Sobel, is going to visit a tattoo parlor to see herself what the whole tattoo deal really is about.

 Another take on tattoos and religion: ‘vicar to get tattoo to remember congregation’ and ‘San Antonio church believes tattoos are fine, obesity is not.’ I’d actually say ‘Amen’ to the latter one 😉

 Tattoos and jobs in a short article ‘tattoo me, tattoo you?

 This British article focuses more on a canoe than on tattoos but it’s interesting anyway: ‘Canoe project for tattooed Maori.’

 Finally, something to look at: Kavadi shot in a Belgian post titled ‘the most bizarre piercings’ and an American gem ‘the best of the worst tattoos in mugshots.’