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getting ready for Halloween

Marisa Kakoulas of needlesandsins in an interview and a short post about Halloween customs exploiting tattoo culture; and just to confirm this point two other articles on the subject: ‘temporary Halloween tattoos’ and ‘glitter temporary tattoos to advertise a business.’

 Another big figure in the tattoo world, this time from Germany: Herbert Hoffmann in an article describing his life and tattoos.

 The article about Coptic tattoos was linked to in the last post; here’s another one on the subject: ‘missing the point of Coptic tattoos.’

 It’s quite unusual to see a shop advertising more extreme procedures: ‘branding, tongue splitting services coming to North Devon.’

Indirectly related: ‘the agony of body artist’ about ‘high art’ using body as a medium; a short story by Kafka, the Hunger Artist, is linked to it, so make sure to check it out, too, if you click on the article.

 ‘Popeye arm’ to end today’s post – human body really is amazing.

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