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Otzi was mentioned on here at least a few times but it’s always interesting to read about him (although I don’t like looking at him much), so here’s another short one on the subject: ‘Otzi remains mysterious.’

 An interesting addition to my ‘anthropology’ category: ‘Egypt’s Christians uphold tattoo tradition.’

 Health and body modification: ‘tongue stud ‘brain fatality risk’ and ‘Kendal hospital unveils nipple-tattooing machine.’

 A German article ‘between art and madness’ hints on the latter while discussing the current trends in body modification while a text from India focuses more on the question of addiction when tattoos are concerned.

 No more secretive piercings and other mods? New full body scanner is supposed to reveal everything!

 One of the human marvels, the Enigma, in a short review of one his shows.

 Finally, a pretty cool one from Omaha, NE – creative captions contest, body modification-related, of course.

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