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usual and unusual people and othe rinteresting stuff

Two big figures for starters: Stelarc in the news again and an upcoming documentary about Sailor Jerry!

 A sudden wave of journalists’ interest in people’s tattoos in ‘tattoos in San Diego,’ ‘Tucson Citizen readers show off their tattoos’ and ‘Canyon Lake ink.’ Kind of tacky as it is, it might actually show that tattoos can be a meaningful form of art.

Other interesting ones I’ve come across include: ‘female tattoo artists defy trend’ from Canada, ‘dermatologists warning of tattoo and piercing dangers’ from Spain, American articles about ‘Jews with tattoos’ and ‘vintage gadget tattoos’ and two Polish ones: ‘tattoo night in a pub ArtElier’ (although I wouldn’t say that a pub is the best place to get a tattoo done!) and ‘tattoos in private places.’

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