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This pretty nice “tattoo” was used for a German campaign promoting organ donating awareness (after click you’ll find an article about it and two other examples of the designs used for the campaign; the ‘tattoos’ look quite tasty, methinks). Tattoos are also used in the new Suzuki campaign.

 An article about tattoos used for medical purposes from India: ‘Jharkhand children tattoo navels to ward off ailments.’

 Tattoos and fashion: after Rodarte show also other designers are going the tattoo route: temporary tattoos on Gaultier and Chanel fashion shows.

 ‘Bodymod trend’ from Germany where, apparently, tattoos are ‘out’ and ‘flesh tunnels’ are in.

 An interesting piece of news from Belgium where ‘less than a half of the practitioners have the right education.’

 A bit unusual and still interesting: an IA guy whos’s not only a tattoo artist but also an ordained minister and an article from Asia: ‘teen working for loan sharks to get cash for tattoos.’

 And finally something indirectly related in ‘the rise of the barcode’ (my own barcode tattoo is the code from my ‘learner’s permit’ from the times when I’ve been working toward my driver’s license – not the best work ever but I’m not gonna cover up this one!)

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3 responses to “organs, trends, codes

  1. Steph

    You know I’ve toyed with getting a bar-code tattoo *but* I’m only going to get one *if* I get an ISBN number for one of my (currently not) published books and then it will truly be “mine” and that would be beyond awesome!

  2. aniareads ⋅

    Good luck, Steph 🙂

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