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events, passions and lists

A few articles about tattoo conventions for starters: Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth (nice interview with Mario Barth), a short one about Tattoo Expo in Barcelona and another one about recent TattooFest in Warsaw, Poland (not a mind-blowing event, mind you, but I’m being ‘patriotic’ for once;)).

I don’t know how many people will be able to go through another one in Polish (wonderfully nasty a language it is) but here’s an interesting interview with a editor of one of the Polish tattoo magazines talking about tattoos and people getting them done.

Climate justice tattoo’ is a great example of tattoos being not only about whims and trends but also about true passion and commitment to ideas.

A bit of history in ‘tattoos and the army – long and colorful tradition.’

Another Spanish one (because I’m enjoying reading trying to read in Spanish again) – the sexiest tattoos of 2009; and just for balance’s sake another silly list in ‘top 12 worst celebrity tattoo ideas.’

As a bonus a VIP touch in short interviews with VIP’s attending the convention in Vegas and an article about a(nother) tattoo-inspired clothing line (hmmm, ridiculously expensive these t-shirts, ain’t they?)

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4 responses to “events, passions and lists

  1. Steph

    Expensive indeed! I guess the phrase starving artist doesn’t apply here lol.
    I really enjoyed that military piece, along with the others I could read 😉

  2. aniareads ⋅

    give a try to these Polish ones – they aren’t bad, really 😉

    I’d agree on this military one, though; stuff that’s free of fake icing and merchandising feels both rawer and more authentic.

  3. “nice! love this tattoo blog”

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