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benefits, accessories and scenes

Just a few days ago I’ve read an interesting post on burkas on Shannon Larratt’s blog and here this topic appears in the news from Netherlands – the proposal can also affect visibly modified people (Dutch, German).

Law: I’ve already posted a link about the NE law allowing people with fresh tattoos coming from licensed shops to donate blood; now it seems possible also in NJ.

Culture and body modification in ‘the return of men’s earrings,’ ‘men and nose pins: sexy or girly?’ (it’s more interesting when you know that the article comes from India where nose piercing is rather a women thing) and an interesting one about a Jewish girl and her ‘get a tattoo or not’ dilemma.

London Tattoo Convention is over but there’s a chance of its landing in Guinness World Record Book.

The article ‘scene kids hold false sense of individuality’ makes a pretty good point although, I think, most of these who belong to/ identify with any ‘scene’ are aware of that and their look is not as much about being individual as about showing others who they feel or want to be (and thus creating some sort of community) and setting themselves apart from the mainstream society.

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