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International London Tattoo Convention this weekend, so here’s a couple pictures and an article on the subject. In a similar but a little more exotic vein, a short one about 2009 Dutdutan Tattoo Expo in Phillipines.

Teachers and tattoos as seen from two perspectives: ‘classroom ink’ and ‘it’s only a distraction.’ Another one going for the distraction stand in ‘body art or simply a distraction?

A reader’s letter expressing a neat thought: ‘the ‘elderly’ want to have tattoos, too!

I liked this one: ‘being outsold by a book on tattoos.’ Since this guy’s attitude seems so serious that it’s funny and since I bought (and read/flipped through) the Mammoth Book of Tattoos as a gift for my artist after my final sleeve session, I’m all for the Mammoth book sales going strong 😉

As an avid reader I liked this one, too: ‘ten of the best tattoos in literature’ but there are some other ranking-like articles on the subject, too: ’10 tattoos that’ll get you nowhere with women’ and ‘the hottest women with ink.’

Something in German for dessert: an article about Olli Lonien who became quite well-known thanks to a German answer to ‘Miami Ink’ and the like, ‘Eine Familie sticht zu.’

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