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actions, bodies and semicolons

A few articles more on ‘save girl child tattoos’ in India. Also from India is an article about a boom for ‘traditional’ body piercings in an Indian city called Chennai.

Another activist is from Australia: ‘Mum fights to change piercing law.’

Also law-related is an article from CA: ‘with body art, safety is a must’ (and again ‘standard lobe piercing’ done by unhygienic guns in unsterile conditions are exempted!).

Fashion and body modification again in ‘pierced fashion models.’

A new addition to ‘indirectly related’: ‘bodies of Lara Croft and Rubi Malone.’

Tattoo industry in identity crisis? A few good questions raised in this one.

And a couple of quite interesting links: ‘black Mount Rushmore,’ ’15 punctuation tattoos,’ ‘name tattoos’ from a little rougher perspective.

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